R U Abandoned?

Let me just preface this by saying, yes, I know I’m an idiot. How It All Started. I don’t know if any of you remember this, but in the beginning of the year there was a little talk in class. And the abandoned bowling alley came up, the one in Loree. I was excited as […]

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Run In With The Law

The Set Up LET ME JUST SAY THIS FIRST. Although I wish it was, this is not some stupid April fools day joke, although I am a fool for being stupid. Fort Howard is an abandoned VA hospital, I have only been to one other time. Its pretty easy to get to, and has a […]

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An Underwater World

Background As I mentioned in my previous post, my spring break was spent in the Bahamas, scuba diving. I have been scuba diving for about two  years now, and one of my favorite things is wreck diving. I did a few wreck dives while in The Exumas in the Bahamas. Smugglers Plane Located in Normans […]

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Abandoned Paradise

I spent my spring break in the beautiful Bahamas. I lived on a boat for a week, in the middle of the ocean scuba diving. Fricken paradise. And although I spent most of my week there on a boat I saw several abandoned buildings on my last night there when we where docked. These aren’t […]

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You Can Do It Too

Overview So this Saturday I went to two places, both places you could go yourself. So, I am going to give you the location, history, and some more information, just in case you want to go yourself R U Abandoned?* So, hypothetically there might be several houses by Cook/Douglass that might be abandoned. These hypothetical […]

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